The Goodpeople

Pannekoekstraat 50a
3011LH Rotterdam

The GoodPeople is een designer label voor mannen uit Rotterdam. Opgericht in 2007 door ontwerper Ivo van Deyzen en geleid door Ivo & zijn vrouw Nicole. Sinds 2017 zit de showroom, office & de eerste flagshipstore van The GoodPeople op de Pannekoekstraat!


We design clothes that make us feel good.
That means we don’t make choices based on expectations.
But on how we feel about something.
No concessions to ideas or production.
Clothing for every imaginable occasion.
With an interesting contrast in design,
the finest fabrics and the best fit.
From tightly cut shirts to simple tees.
And from easy shorts to sophisticated trousers.
When we feel good in our clothes, everything is a little easier.
Which is nice, because life is often hard enough.
Certainly if you want to create your own path like us.
This has brought us to where we are now.
So, we’ll continue to do so.
Will you feel good in our clothes too?
We don’t know that.
Try it out.
Who knows where it will lead you :)

Yours truly,

The GoodPeople


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